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The astonishing surprise, often not realized until the end of life, is that you are more than you could imagine, for you emanate from and are sustained by God. Even more, that you, and reality, are so much more than you could comprehend. Join us as we explore with Rev. David Maginley this great surprise and ways in which it is accessed, through a model of redemption that is rooted in contemplation, cosmology and even crisis. These pandemic days provide us with an opportunity to discover who we truly are, and Lent is our path.


Week 1. A bad day for your ego is a good day for your spirit

Explore the contrast of ego and spirit, and how crisis accelerates our awakening.

Week 2: Baptism and awakening.  Explore rituals as ways to tune yourself to God, to love, to your true self, especially during the pandemic.  

Week 3 The Body as Temple Who, or better still, what are you? You’ll be surprised and intrigued to discover a scientifically spiritual model of yourself, and reality. An astonishing surprise awaits!  

Week 4 Redemption Redeemed.  What is it to not only believe in Christ, but believe into Christ? Explore what it is to be a warrior of compassion, as a partner with Christ in restoring the world.  

Week 5: Crisis and Resurrection Imagine using suffering as fuel for transformation. Explore how the quality of your presence empowers you to do what you could never imagine, and awaken to what God has created you to be.