Welcome to St. David Anglican-Lutheran Church!

The land on which we gather at St. David is the Williams Treaty Territory, the territory of the Anishinaabe, specifically Ojibwe and Chippewa people. We are walking hand in hand on this safe and bountiful land which is part of the Huron Basin Watershed and we are called to better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, caretakers and sojourners.

St. David's is a congregation of people committed to service in our community, deepening our understanding of God's calling in our lives, and offering prayer that is vital and thought-provoking.

Jesus said, "I will make you fishers of men," and when we cast our nets, we accept the catch as it is gathered in. We welcome everyone at St. David: all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, financial means. People are encouraged to engage in the life of the church at whatever level, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journeys. As a result, on any given Sunday, there is a diverse group of folks gathered together to learn more about what God has in store for us. Membership at St. David means you are part of our church family, and once you take that first step through our door, you are a member of that family.

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